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Custom Web Design Agency

Jaytech Designs is a Custom Web Design Agency with a comprehensive method to build your brand online. From customized web design, graphic design and photography, to support and training, Jaytech Designs has a full-service approach to cover your web design needs. Jaytech Designs employs a diverse team of specialists focused in all aspects of web design and creative implementation.

Guiding you through every step—from mock-ups to current best practices

WordPress Consultation

Jaytech Designs offers technical support and consultations for all WordPress websites. Every customer should feel supported and empowered to get the assistance they need to make their web dreams come true. At the end of the year, clients have the option to sign on for another year of Jaytech Designs support.

Page Loading Speed

For many clients and web users alike, page loading speed is a top priority.  Jaytech Designs firmly believes in the seven second rule—a well-known theory that every website has roughly seven seconds for a user to remain active. Depending on targeted demographics, some websites may only have three to four seconds.

Responsive Designs

Many online brands rely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure the popularity of their website. Although this is an important aspect of successful websites, Google has placed more emphasis on speed and usability. Jaytech Designs promises fast loading and clean formatting on any device and any screen size.

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Custom Web Design Agency


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Website Hosting

Jaytech Designs offers a high level of hosting to match your business needs. From reliable servers to 24-hour support to make sure your website is always running smoothly. Jaytech Designs provides comprehensive tech support and customizable hosting packages to allow clients to focus on their business goals.

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Colors & Topography

Jaytech Designs uses color psychology to study the colors that will best suit your brand and help you to stand out in your industry. Color psychology helps web designers select colors that can positively affect and motivate customers. Jaytech Designs recommends this technique when targeting broader demographics. From loud colors to bland layouts, users are often quickly affected by color choices. Jaytech Designs works hard to ensure that your website will not only capture all traffic, but also retain them as a future customer.

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Company Branding

Most successful brands are recognized by their strong logos. Jaytech Designs works with businesses to build custom logos that fit the brand standard and appeal to desired demographics. Jaytech Designs’ Lead Designer takes a deep dive into your business model and researches your industry before drafting an eye-catching logo. From watermarks on professional photographs to logos for local startups, Jaytech Designs has vast experience in logo design.