Seattle Web Design

It takes more than just a simple website to help your business grow on the web.  We take the time to implement every aspect possible into your project and really make it outshine the competition.

With our creative & strong tech capabilities, we will have you covered for all your business web needs.  Everything from customized web design, graphics and application development to support & training. 

Seattle Web Design

Let us take the hard work out of the project with our modern designs.


Everything from custom applications to database designs, we have it covered.


Take your company name to the next level with our logo designs & branding.

Why Jaytech Designs?

Planning & Consulting

We will work with you through every step of the process from theme examples and mock-ups to current best practice suggestions.  We consider ourselves web experts and can style any website to meet your needs.  We are also very skilled in minimizing project deadlines by utilizing existing development tools.  We will spend the extra time with you to make sure your new website exceeds your expectations.

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User Experience

By using current design techniques combined with passionate customer service, we are able to construct beautiful, user friendly websites for our customers.  We will work vigorously with you to build a site that truly matches your vision.  We focus on concepts that allow for easy flowing and balanced websites with little clutter.

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Website Development

We passionately craft lines of code combined with content management systems to create clean, responsive, user-friendly websites.  Our current tools of choice are HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery & WordPress.  Being skilled at design, development, photography and support helps us bring our customers dreams to reality.

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Responsive Design

JAYTECH always designs for mobile optimization.  Allowing the site to collapse and then expand based on screen sizes.  It also adds a mobile menu that is easy to navigate and recognized today as the norm.

Note: Google can and will also slowly punish your ranking if your site is not responsive & mobile friendly.

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Website Optimization

The optimization stage of the process is one of the most important.  In order for the site to function smoothly on all devices and browsers, it must first be tested and optimized.  We accomplish this with a combination of various software tools and websites.  That way your site will be available on all search engines and ready to begin ranking highly in no time. 

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Need an online store?

Our e-commerce websites are a great way to hit the ground running with your new products!