Let’s see what the future holds

Blockchain Technology

With Bitcoin now being over a decade old, we don’t feel that blockchain technology nor cryptocurrency will be going away anytime soon. For one, big businesses are just investing way too much money into it to give up on it that easy. They know that it will be part of the future and so do we.

Tokenize Your Products

In 2017, we witnessed an insane price jump with almost all cryptocurrencies and alt coins. During that last bull run, it really didn’t even matter how good your technology was. People were simply investing in tokens based on their vision and roadmaps. If they read the white paper and it looked good, they thought it would be a good future investment. Well, we feel that the true value of crypto is possibly still a few years away. It is such a complex technology, that it will still take many more years for average users and companies to understand and adopt it’s many great concepts and uses.

With that said, we feel that 2020 will be a great time to start tokenizing the world. Two of cryptos most valuable features are that it can be used to track and manage products extremely efficiently as well as securing the integrity of your copyrights.

Smart Contracts

Another great feature of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the ability to create smart contracts. A smart contract is a computer protocol that is built into the blockchain and can directly facilitate, verify, and enforce a contract between 2 or more parties. By using an altcoin like ethereum we can create what is called an erc20 token. This token will eliminate the need for a third-party like a bank or lawyer to facilitate the contract. Everything is directly built into the token and is also irreversible. You can see how this may be a huge money-saver in the future. Because I think we all know that banks and lawyers are just not that cheap.

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