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Company Branding

Your brand is what sets you apart from your competition. Without a strong brand your chances of creating a successful online business are very slim.  The competition is just too fierce these days to not have one. If your brand is not fun and relate-able, users will just move on to the next best thing.  We will work directly with you to make sure that your brand not only matches your products but your customers as well. Your users will not only be impressed with your business but they will want to return for more. 

Company Branding Seattle


Leave your competition in the dust!

Logo Design

Every great business should also have a great logo.  With our strong design capabilities, we can design just about any logo requested.  We take our time to research your business and your industry to get a feel for just how to base your new logo design.  Whether it’s a new watermark to brand your beautiful photography or a new logo for your local startup, we have you covered.  Collaborate with our lead designer to get your logo started today!

Colors & Topography

At Jaytech Designs, we use what called color psychology to study the colors that will best suit your brand and industry.  By using color psychology, we can then decide which colors may affect your industry and customers in a positive way.  This becomes very important while trying to target and grow a larger audience. If your colors are too loud or simply too bland, users will simply move along to the next website that they feel like.  We work very hard to make sure that you can capture all traffic and retain them as a possible future customers.


Your customers will love it!