What’s Coming In 2020

What’s Coming In 2020

Before I talk about all the great stuff coming in 2020,  I would like to take minute to thank our great customers that have helped us grow at Jaytech Designs.  We now consider ourselves to be a very competitive Seattle Web Design company with over 20 clients and counting!  As our search engine rankings climb and our customer base grows, we are picking up new customers faster than ever.  Please feel free to have a look at our business website portfolio.  If you like what you see, contact us today for a free web design quote!

Now let’s get to the new stuff for 2019.  We plan to expand the business in a few new areas this year.   #1 being Application Development:  I am currently building a team of professionals that will be able to design and develop any application requested.  I have avoided this in the past because it pulls me away from photography, graphic design and my customers for too long.   With the company in a good place I can now expand into applications for anything.

When I started Jaytech back in 2011.  It was mainly as a portfolio resume to find work in a variety of web fields.  As I started to develop custom business websites for friends, my work became better and better.  I then started to implement my photography and graphic design work into the websites making my web designs even more customized and beautiful.  Since photo and design is really my main passion, it was just natural.

After working for a few web design companies I always felt like my hands were tied.  The larger teams I worked on became more out of touch with the clients every day.  From a website support standpoint, this is very frustrating to witness.  The customer talks to sales then gets dumped off to either an account manager or project manager.  At that point every question or request they have must go through a long chain of command.  Only to be forgotten about or delayed.  Customers go nuts and leave.  Coming from a website support background, I decided to start a web development company.  My main goal was to avoid that disconnect with the customers.  Therefore, I work with my clients from that first sales call, through the project and then many year of support and hosting down the road.  After the project is done, we then keep the site up to date and running smooth for many years to come.

As we grow we also want to offer new products.  app development is a completely different ball game and frankly I have just loved building websites too much to even slow down.  Until now…