T1 Speed Upgrade


The T1 Speed Upgrade is designed for customers that may not be ready to move their website into a new theme just yet. We can run a series of diagnostics on the site and make as many changes as possible to help bring up the page speed score.

Please Note: While this upgrade will not make the same large boosts as the theme install, it can still give notable gains and be the right choice for some customers. Once your upgrade is completed, you will then have the option to sign up for our yearly support contract for $1,440 or go month to month for $200 per month if you like.

This is just some of what it covers!

  • Page Structure Audit
  • Code Audit
  • Plugin & Feature Audit
  • Resolve Errors
  • Optimize Images
  • Restructure Links If Needed
  • Combine & Minify Code
  • Install CDN
  • Test & Configure Caching
  • Benchmark Report
  • Recommendations
  • Page Speed Reports