Website Design Portfolio

Jaytech Designs has been building custom websites for over 10 years. We always take the time to work directly with our costumers and make sure their new site always matched their vision. We also offer many other services like Branding & Marketing, Technical Support, Graphic Design, Application Development, Website Optimization and Custom Photography.

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Kemps Cannabis

A line-up of firsts is found at Kemp’s Cannabis.  Owned by the six-time NBA All-Star, Shawn “Reign Man” Kemp, Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis is the first Black-owned dispensary in Seattle. During his first season with the Seattle Supersonics, Kemp was the youngest player in the NBA. You have the opportunity to be one of the first customers at this new dispensary opening October 30th, 2020. Kemp’s mission to inspire people of color to join the legal cannabis industry while also providing an all-inclusive, affordable selection of cannabis products inspired Jaytech Designs to build a clean and bold website. With large color blocking inspired by basketball logos and easy-to-access links, customers are drawn to important information and, of course, the menu for purchasing cannabis products.

Website Design Portfolio

The Evergreen Market

Evergreen Market’s five locations throughout Western Washington stock some of the best cannabis products for any budget. Through strong relationships with their growers and producers, Evergreen Market has ensured that ever product they offer is premium. Evergreen Market was built for passionate users, growers, and learners. Jaytech Designs used this mentality in the website design by bringing graphics reminiscent of roots and natural map lines. A minimalistic approach for a simply good business.

Website Design Portfolio

Tine Trading CO

Trading Tine Company brings a unique approach to cannabis products. Tine has partnered with other premium brands to bring customers top of the line products. Tine distributes products from brands such as STASH, Orchid Essentials, and Cloud 9ine. Additionally, Tine has built their brand to include premier cannabis flower. Jaytech Designs created a website for Tine that includes a strong, trusted logo with soft backgrounds that feature some of their best products. The website is clean and allows the customer to focus in on each brand partner.

Website Design Portfolio

Star Buds

Welcome to the family business of cannabis. Every customer at Star Buds will be greeted with warm and knowledgeable staff.  Star Buds in Bellingham, WA features an open floor layout that encourages mingling and learning for both inexperienced and pro cannabis users. Star Buds boasts top-of-the-line inventory and easy pick-up. For this authentic business, Jaytech Designs created a calming website with impeccable ease. As an homage to the locale, Jaytech Designs used a color scheme and muted nature photos inspired by the sights of Bellingham.

Website Design Portfolio

The Joint

Iconic. Relevant. Premier. If these words seem appealing, The Joint’s aesthetic will make you feel right at home. A retail marijuana chain with 6 locations, The Joint creates the place to be while making every customer feel welcomed. One of the largest selections of premium cannabis strains and inventory from concentrates to accessories, The Joint strives to make each customer happy while making an unforgettable impression of their brand. With this in mind, Jaytech Designs created a website with bold and mysterious coloring, taking photos of the simple marijuana plant to the next level. Utilizing creative animations and icons, the website tantalizes each viewer while also clearly directing them to the catalog of inventory.

Website Design Portfolio

Kratom Bloom

Simple, clean, and quality is the name of the game for Kratom Bloom. They are committed to sourcing and distributing the highest quality kratom at economical prices. Kratom Bloom’s supplier is approved by the American Kratom Association and all of their products are shipped from a GMP certified facility. Playing on Kratom Bloom’s commitment to improve the lives of their customers, Jaytech Designs has used muted product photos and natural colors in the website.

Website Design Portfolio

Jayne MJ

Portland’s 2018 Best Dispensary (Hightimes) offers marijuana products for the everyday user. Clean, professional, and welcoming—the business class of dispensaries at an affordable price. Boasting superior customer service and a premium shopping experience, Jayne is one of Oregon’s finest dispensaries. With a trusted business, Jaytech Designs used clean lines, muted colors, and large font to showcase the quality and easy of Jayne.

Green Leaves Creative

A division of Jaytech Designs, Green Leaves Creative is focused on enriching the online presence of legal cannabis, hemp, or CBD businesses. Using the same principles of Jaytech Designs, Green Leaves specializes in customization, mobile speed optimization, and WordPress Support. Building responsive websites for the right clientele is the standard foundation for a cannabis business. Additionally, Green Leaves Creative has partnered with STRATTEX Solutions, a reliable SEO company based in Denver that provides specialized, top of the line marketing for cannabis companies at a fair cost.

Oregon Bud Company

Affordable quality for the avid cannabis consumer is what Oregon Bud Company strives to give their customers. With myriad specials, loyalty benefits, and notable suppliers, you can’t go wrong with Oregon Bud Company. A familiar and trusted company, Oregon Bud Company’s focus is keeping people engaged and excited for new products. Jaytech Designs made a website that utilizes calming photography that prominently features weekly deals and member benefits—making Oregon Bud Company an appealing choice for consumers.

Telluride Bud Company

One of the first retail marijuana dispensaries in the world, Telluride Bud Company continues to trailblaze the industry by offering products to recreational users in multiple locations with the foundation of medical cannabis knowledge. Classic colors and established mountain townscapes provide Telluride Bud Company’s website with a comforting and long-standing feel. The memorable logo is beautifully emblazoned at the top of the webpage as users browse.

Always Greener

A trusted name and playful nature go hand in hand with The Grass is Always Greener. Their carefully curated collection of cannabis products includes flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. The Grass is Always Greener sources only the cleanest and greenest products available. Their motto “Always Safe, Always Responsible, Always Kind” refers to safe access, public responsibility, and well-natured influence in every brand decision. Jaytech Designs echoes this motto in the website design that features bright graphics, complementary green and purple colors, and a logo reminiscent of a town hall sign.

Mettle Brand Design

One of Jaytech Designs’ very first customers, the Bonner family has become a seasoned brand with their latest business—Mettle Brand Designs. Based out of Lake Tahoe and now in the hands of Ollie Bonner, Mettle Brand Designs creates edgy and versatile custom motocross graphics for racing. Beyond that, Ollie Bonner is an up and coming professional motocross racer that has been sweeping races in Nevada and California.

Northwest Labor Council

NW WA Central Labor Council is the central body of labor organizations in Whatcom, Skagit, and San Juan counties in Washington. Affiliated with the National AFL-CIO, its members include over 21 organizations and thousands of working personals. The Council’s top priority is assisting workers and their unions in the struggle for social and economic justice. Jaytech Designs incorporated inspirational photos of political groups against a fresh and clean backdrop—showcasing the Council’s innovative approach to protect the rights of the working class.

InsuranceWorks Agency

InsuranceWorks Agency works directly with the customer to find the best plan for their individual needs. Although they work with top-rated companies and have developed relationships with each of them, InsuranceWorks remains unbiased and views their clients as their top priority. With this in mind, Jaytech Designs used a synergistic, spherical design with blended primary colors and a soft, clean font. The webdesign also features and informational section with a calming, abstract backdrop juxtaposed against lively and bright photos.

The Petal

Specializing in custom floral art, The Petal and the Stem transforms unique ideas into stunning visual masterpieces tailored to every individual taste of the customer. Jaytech Designs expertly created a website that is beautiful, clean, and extremely easy to view. Knowing that clientele is looking through myriad floral and event businesses, the ease and speed of this website is paramount.

BR Installs

BR Installs specialized in commercial construction and remodeling with the hopes of building long lasting partnerships to create affordable budgets and innovative solutions. From the inside, to the outside, to the factory, and to the storefront display, BR Installs has you covered. With this in mind, Jaytech Designs created a simple, thorough webpage. While creatively showcasing BR Installs’ portfolio, there is not too much detail that could overwhelm the client or limit their imagination. Jaytech Designs uses the color scheme to invite the viewer to partner with BR Installs in building from the ground up.

Old 99 Barbershop

Old 99 Barbershop adds a funky flare to the standard barber shop. From their highway sign logo evocative of a skull and cross bones to the colorful mural in their shop, Old 99 is sure to welcome customers with fun and have them leave in style. Located in beautiful downtown Bellingham, Old 99 is owned by an established business owner with businesses located all throughout downtown. Old 99 I also located next to an exciting new eatery, Juxt Tap House—a must-visit before or after a haircut.