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Professional websites crafted just for you.  Jaytech Designs has over 15 years experience passionately designing web media and graphics.  Our websites are not only beautiful and fun but are also designed to be an easy, user friendly browsing experience for everyone.  We combine tools like JavaScript, CSS and WordPress to create the perfect website for the modern sophisticated user.


Every website we design is phone and tablet ready!

Responsive Designs

Over the past few years Google has made it even more important than ever to have a responsive website. More and more people everyday use cell phones and tablets to access the internet.  Google feels that serving fast responsive content is one of the most valuable conditions to consider when deciding which sites to show people first. Statistically, if your website is slow and non-responsive your chances of showing up on page 1 or 2 of a Google search is very slim to non.  All of our websites are 100% responsive and ready to show up on any screen size and search engine available. We also offer an even better mobile experience with our mobile application development package. We can build an application that interacts seamlessly with your website. Update the website and the app updates as well.

Page Speed

We consider page loading speed a number one priority at Jaytech.  We truly believe in what is called the seven-second rule. You have roughly seven seconds for a customer to stay active on your website.  For some users that time can even be less like three or four seconds. If your page does not load fast enough, they will almost always leave which will result in a higher bounce rate. This means that users may be finding you website only to leave when it does not load fast enough. Our latest 2019-2020 web designs load in 2-3 seconds. We challenge anyone in the industry to build a website that loads as fast and efficiently as a website that is designed and implemented by jaytech designs at the same discounted rate.  Contact us today for some examples.

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