Website Speed Optimization

For users and domain owners, website speed optimization is a top priority in web browsing. Jaytech Designs primary focus is speed and has created web designs that load within 2-3 seconds. If you are interested in learning more about our T1 website speed optimization package, please view our pricing model. Feel free to check your own Google Page speed score below and compare it to jaytechdesigns.com.

Website Speed Optimization

Image Size

One of the main problems with customers loading speed is the size of the images they are using. We take the time to re-scale and size all your images to make sure they are light weight and ready to load fast. This will take your google page speed score up to where it should be if it is currently lagging behind.

Clean Code

Many customers that come to us for help are using old and outdated WordPress themes. We will replace the old theme with our own fast loading theme that will make the site fly. With this simple step, we believe your site will load anywhere from 10-40% faster. This will also take your google page rank up within a few weeks.

Speed is key

When it comes to websites, page loading speed is key. If your website loads slowly, your chance of ranking high on google are slim to none. We make sure your site loads fast by optimization every part of it from images to plugins and code. If your site is lagging behind, we can help you!